Starting again to be a bookworm

As I wrote before, in the last months I didn't read so much. I mean, from september 2014 I experienced many changes in my life and I needed some time to adjust myself to these changes. 
Anyway, now I decided it's time to come back to my old self, the one who love literature and reads every single free minute of her life. Ok, I write, too. And do DIY jobs. But I don't spend the whole time watching TV (or TV series on the Net) or playing facebook games.

That's why I started a few blogs: the commitment to write something about what I read, and post photos, or anything, will "force" me to stay focused on my target, i.e. don't lose myself in the everyday routine of work-home-bed.


Plus, I'm not English mothertongue, so I wanted to challenge myself writing in English about something important to me.


Thanks to everybody who will follow me and see you soon with my first review :)